A collection of *challenges

Workinlot collects cutting edge challenges from curious dreamers and corporations by driving collaborative discussions.

* A call for open innovation and collaboration


A social network of creative minds…

Workinlot unites dreamers with a common desire to take on a challenge. Anyone with a motivation to create value finds partners for the journey ahead.


A source of guidance and directions

Workinlot’s incubation paths provide dreamers with specially designed tools, skills and processes all through the journey.


A marketplace for the created value…

Workinlot showcases all new created values in various stages of the dreamer‘s journey for the rest of the world to see.


Identify yourself in the


  • Dreamer

    Workinlot’s foremost objective is to bring dreamers together in the ideation playground. All members are initially dreamers, restlessly curious and anxious to take on challenges.

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  • Corporation

    Workinlot’s corporate members tap into the unlimited innovation potential of dreamers, they believe in open innovation, co-creation and have their eyes set on the future workplace.

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  • Universities

    Workinlot’s partner universities are visionaries in how they set their student dreamers up for success, with a more hollistic approach towards the total experience.

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  • Investor

    Workinlot’s investors are proactive, they don’t just support what is already on the table, they influence and create the next big project from the earliest stages by providing dreamers with challenges.

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About Us

Chief Dreamer
C. Atilla Erel

“It all started with a dream project. I did not know how to execute or where to start. I wanted to create a digital tool so dreamers like me can at least try and see if their dreams can come true.”

Chief Producer
Baran Korkut

“I love to connect the dots and simplify things, including in this case, the issue of making accumulating entrepreneurial experience less risky and more fun.”

Our Vision

Our biggest challenge today is dreaming and creating a better future. That’s why Workinlot’s relentless challenge is to be a key driver in human advancement. It is not a challenge we can tackle on our own. We need the support of like minded people to realise this dream. Special thanks to our supporters, you have all been an inspiration


Akan Abdula , Ari Baliyan, Aykut Keskin, Ayşe Sabuncu, Can Bingöl, Deniz Erel, Deniz Esenkal, Didem Korkut, Didem Türköz,  Doğan Taşkent, Emre Başkan,Erhat Nalbant, Fırat Falay, Irmak Büyükutku, Kaan Akın, Melda Cele, Niels Van Der Linden, Patrick Bosteels, Semih Boyacı, Tayfun Sinan, Tufan Karaca, Yiğit Korkut, Yücel Telçeken, Zeynep Demirci

Organizational Partners

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