Workinlot Press Release

by workinlot • 30 August 2017

Workinlot is an ideation playground, a Silicon Valley on the cloud, the Facebook of entrepreneurship, a digital accelerator and a lot more… As a digital social platform, Workinlot empowers DREAMERS to tackle challenges through a seamless digital entrepreneurial journey with gamified experience based learning. Based out of Istanbul, Workinlot has a very assertive plan and […]

Entrepreneur development

by Yiğit Zarbun • 19 May 2017

‘Entrepreneur development’ in Harrington’s research is demonstrated through the entrepreneurial life-cycle; which begins with the discovery of problems (i.e. via basic research); proceeds to the formulation of ideas (i.e. via pitch sessions); continues through the start-up phase (i.e. via entrepreneurs committing time& resources to setting-up ventures); eventually reaches the growth phase where the initial ideas virtually meet the market. In essence, entrepreneur development […]

A pleasant confidence boost

by workinlot • 11 January 2017

2017 started with an article published on Singularity Hub (you can view the original article here). When something comes out of Singularity University, you know it is important, but when the article is especially relevant to what you are trying to do, it’s super mega exciting. The article lists the 7 key technologies to watch […]

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